Harsh Vakharia

BlackBerry Z10 battery issue and solution

1. Problem

BlackBerry Z10 STL100-1 has some battery issue. When it is charging, suddenly it shows full charged indicator, while only charged up to 88-98%. In short, you just can’t fully charge your mobile.

2. Why?

After experimenting with new replaced Z10 (yes, you’re right, I’ve got replacement, because of this battery issue) issue starts when you let your Z10 run totally our of juice, i.e., completely drained battery and Turning off device. This is because of some problem with calibration of device battery monitor circuitry.

So, don’t let your Z10 reach 0%.

3. Solution

So, can’t managed to keep it above 0%? No problem. Just follow these 2 steps.

  1. Let it drain up to 5-10% and pull the battery.
  2. After 1 hour, insert it again.

Voila! You should see, battery level is slightly increased. Now plug the original charger and let it charge completely.

That’s it. Enjoy. :)

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